Parson’s Chicken & Fish: the perfect summer date spot

Snag a table here before the whole city does.
Photo by Nicole A. Willis

Everyone in our neck of the woods is buzzing about Parson’s, Logan Square’s recent addition to Chicago’s bangin’ patio scene. Here’s my review – from which I hope you take two pieces of advice: don’t sit inside, and don’t tell anyone about it.

Parson’s Chicken & Fish comes from the creators of Longman & Eagle, which knighted Logan Square the culinary destination in Northwest Chicago, is destined to be the next Big Star.

Let’s not let that happen shall we?

Having the flexibility to work from home during the week enabled me to visit Parson’s during the best possible time: 5:30 on a weekday afternoon. There was no wait to sit inside or outside — but host and hostesses were at the ready with their clipboards for the early evening rush.

And in no rush should you be at Parson’s. Wait times for a table can easily reach 90 minutes or more, and the food doesn’t come out quick either. But, the chicken, fish, cocktails and ambience make it all worth it.

What we ate: per our server’s suggestion, we tried both the grilled and fried chicken. Both are a must, and I daresay the grilled is the more tantalizing option. Also worth ordering are the conch fritters, and the cole slaw. Oh, the cole slaw.


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