Time Out Chicago asks: Are these cocktail bars worth the money?

A cocktail is served at The Violet Hour in Wicker Park.
Photo from Facebook.

Time Out Chicago recently wrote up “Cocktail bar report cards,” an assessment of the city’s most known and revered cocktail haunts. This comes at an appropriate time now that nearly every block you reach in Chicago inhabits at least one of these businesses trying to catch your attention — or not, in true speakeasy fashion.

Here are their ratings on cocktail bars in Logan Square, Wicker Park and Bucktown.

The Violet Hour: Still iconic.
Agreed. While the wait can be nearly maddening on a cold weekend night, you’ll be glad you suffered through it once inside, seated at one of the high-backed, Alice in Wonderland chairs with dozens of drink choices at your fingertips.

Weegee’s Lounge: Still iconic.
To be honest, I’ve never been here. But its location in the far throws of Logan Square assure that there will only be true locals here, not the baby boomers cabbing it to the neighborhood in search of “that Longman & Sunday place everyone’s talkin about.” And prices are reasonable.

The Whistler: Still iconic.
I absolutely echo this grade. While the cocktails often take ages to be prepared, the value is there, with one oversized, floating ice cube keeping your rye crisp, cold and strong. And they live music every night. What’s not to cheers to?

Scofflaw: Still iconic.
I’d have to disagree with Time Out’s sentiment on this one. What at first drew drinkers to this dim, sparkling, enchanted Williamsburg-esque space was the fact that it wasn’t crowded, they serve cookies at midnight, and its drinks were strong. Now that you’re likely to enjoy the last tidbit, the enchantment is gone.


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