Valentine’s on vinyl: Saki picks their favorite records to set the mood

With luck and this playlist, this will be you and your main squeeze someday.Photo by kamshots, Flickr
With luck and this playlist, this will be you and your main squeeze someday.
Photo by kamshots, Flickr

In light of the year’s most romantic day being mere hours away, our friend Adam Hirzel, manager at Saki, has put together a vinyl playlist of music he recommends to get a nice mood goin.’ The record store, music venue and art gallery in Logan Square hosts some pretty rad events, so stay tuned for more on those. Be sure to stop by the store sometime and mention you saw this post for more personalized recommendations from Hirzel.

  1. D’Angelo “Voodoo” LP reissue
    An absolute classic featuring what’s probably the sexiest song of all time, “Untitled (How Does It Feel).” Turn the lights down low and reenact that famous music video.
  2. Various Artists “Personal Space: Electronic Soul (1974-1984)” CD or LP
    This is a collection of bedroom recordings using synthesizers and drum machines. The tools might be a little different, but these are dirty soul songs at heart. Get weird with your sweetheart! Standouts include “Are You Ready To Come? (With Me)” Parts 1 and 2 by USAries and “Love Vibrator” by Johnnie Walker.
  3. Jessica Pratt “Self-Titled” LP
    A lovely modern throwback to the 70s heyday of female singer-songwriters. Jessica’s voice evokes Stevie Nicks, Sibylle Baier and Vashti Bunyan. It’s perfect for a night in with a bottle of wine. Pull up a fireplace on your iPad and get cozy!
  4. Santah “You’re Still A Lover” CD or 12″ EP
    Well, it’s in the title, folks. This is a beautiful set of new songs from one of our best local bands. Enjoy it together!
  5. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone “In Cambridge” live LP
    This one’s for the loners… these songs were recorded live in Cambridge, Mass., but Casiotone’s Owen Ashworth (now performing under the name Advance Base) is based in Chicago! These recordings feature Owen’s typically sullen tunes and punch them up with help from horns and live percussion featuring members of other Chicago acts like Magical Beautiful and Dead Science.
  6. Sweet Talk “Pickup Lines” CD or LP
    These are the kind of cheap, sleazy power-pop tunes that’ll get stuck in your head when you’re picking up the cute punk at the bar in a sleeveless jean jacket, hence the title of the record.
  7. Solange “True” CD EP
    Everybody wants to talk about Beyonce right now (and so do we), but let’s not forget about lil’ sis, Solange. She just put out this solid EP of pop tunes that may not have the same attitude as Sasha Fierce, but they’re a little more on the funk, hip side. Plus, it features the jam “Lovers In The Parking Lot.” Seems appropriate…
  8. Modern Lovers “S/T” CD reissue
    This might be another one for the loners, but it’s a must-own either way. It’s a flawless collection of demos recorded by a young Jonathan Richman and the original Modern Lovers lineup featuring Jerry Harrison and Ernie Brooks. These are classics all the way though, but “Someone I Care About” and “Girlfriend” might be most appropriate for V-Day.
  9. Cross Record “Be Good” LP or “Magnetic Current” CD
    Either of these records (or anything on Cross Record’s bandcamp page) will do you just fine for the holiday. Similar to Jessica Pratt, these are light and delicate tunes with soft vocals that are perfect for cuddling with your date, or your cat, whatever.
  10. Lee Fields “Faithful Man” LP or “Let’s Talk It Over” LP reissue
    “Faithful Man” is Fields’ resurgent 2012 album that made plenty of year-end best of lists. He’s a smooth R&B veteran who’s paired up with the Daptone has band to cut a record that could just as easily have been released in the 70’s. Speaking of the 70’s, Lee’s 1979 funk album, “Let’s Talk It Over” was recently reissued as well. Both or either will serve your right for Valentine’s Day. It just depends on how much you want to dance!

All records mentioned are currently in stock at Saki, located at 3716 W. Fullerton Avenue.


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