Do this tonight: Wednesday Night Wax at Cafe Mustache

photo by Briantf, Flickr
Cafe Mustache
photo by Briantf, Flickr

It might not look like much to passersby, but once you walk into Cafe Mustache, you’ll be glad you did. Immediately the brightly-colored, mismatched furniture and laid-back atmosphere reminded me of the fictitious Central Perk from the “Friends” set. Worn velvet armchairs beg to be nestled into, with each pair or small group whispering over coffee and beer.

photo by Ryan Grimm, Flickr
photo by Ryan Grimm, Flickr

Tonight is their weekly Wednesday Night Wax, which translates to bring a vinyl record, get your first drink on the house (that’s beer, wine, cocktails, you name it). Not a bad exchange, right? Listen to music you know you like and save a little money, starting at 9 p.m. Something new they’re starting tonight is featuring local artist Brandon Howe, co-founder of the Peanut Gallery, from 8:30 p.m. on. Peruse his collection and talk to the man behind the work. Check out the Facebook event for more info.

While the place is small, they offer quite a lot. You’ll find locally roasted coffee, internationally-sourced teas, fresh pastries, craft beers, cocktails, and healthy food options. They also pride themselves on being the only business in Chicago that plays nothing but vinyl music all day, every day. (We’ve all been to Danny’s Tavern in Bucktown, but they don’t open til drinking time, do they?)


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